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OTC Cafe hosted Sephora's closed door event with a huge success! If you need a large space for your event, feel free to drop an enquiry!


21st birthday

Spend your 21st with us as we will make it memorable and perfect for you!


Cocktail PARTY

OTC Cafe checked another milestone as we hosted our very first cocktail event before the year ends! If you are keen in having an event with us, drop us an email to find out more!

OUR birthday affairs

OTC Cafe is always happy to host! We have hosted numerous baby showers and birthday bashes. It is always a joy to have these delightful celebrations filled with so much families, friends, love and positive vibes. 

Circus Fling

Getting all artsy with Circus Fling's workshop held at our cafe! We hope the lovely ladies had a marvelous hands on session and went home contented with their lovely jewellery pieces!

career fair

We are glad to be able to host the Career Fair 2017 in our premises. We hope that undergraduates and graduates had an opportunity to get to know more about their career in mind as well as seek advises from professionals who are already in the field.

World of Jedis

We had a bouncing good time hosting Renee and Ryan's birthday party!! Thanks for being such a lively bunch. Also, thank you for the lovely photos!! We hope you had as much fun as we did! YODA best!!

Celebrate with Yahui

OTC wishes beautiful Yahui a very Happy Birthday!!

We are honoured to be able to host Yahui's birthday celebration in our cafe. We hope that Yahui and her fans had an enchanting night together with us!!



Looking for dried & preserved flowers bouquet for special occasions or just to surprise your loved ones? We've got you covered.

Collaborating with Dawn Q Floral Design, you can now find these beautiful bouquets in our cafe! These bouquets are an alternative to fresh bouquets and they allow you to keep it for many years. @DAWNQFLOWERS #DAWNQFLORALDESIGN


Student Industry visit

We are grateful to have an opportunity to walk the students of Evergreen Secondary School through the cafe industry on their educational visit!

We hope to have inspired these young, potential entrepreneurs and we wish them all the best on their endeavours!

Art for all

Elated to feature some captivating watercolour and typography prints designed by @curiouslah in our small humble cafe. Not too late to grab some of these beautiful prints for your Valentine date!

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